Holiday Stationery

The end of the year and the Holidays are fast approaching . Are you still writing greetings cards ? I do , not as much as a few years ago . But I think it is nice to send them . It is like sending a piece of you to people you care about and letting them know you thought oft them . I also really love to use the cards I receive to decorate inside . That is why , despite the digital world we're living in , I still create and add some in my online shops . And to go along with them , I also design return address labels , envelope seals , envelope liners and a few envelopes . I can divide them in 2 groups : the ones featuring my whimsical illustrations and the one that you can personalize with your pets or kids photos . Today , I'll show off the first group .

Flat Holiday Cards : 
I started to add some flat cards this year , as some people seem to prefer them to regular cards . The text is entirely customizable .

Regular Greeting Cards :
All my old Christmas - Holiday cards are regular greeting cards , but I also added this version for the new cards . I like my cards to be blank as opposed to a lot of people who love to have a preprinted text . It is just a question of preference . I offer both types , but whenever I add text , it is usually a very short one . 

Return Address Labels : 
I once struggled with those , but the return address labels fast became one the things I really enjoy designing .and I think customers can tell , because they usually sell pretty well along with the envelope seals . I like to try create a matching set that will go along with a card , if people choose to . 

Envelope Seals :
At the beginning I was not a fan of envelop seals , as it can be tricky to add the text to a round one . But after a lot of practice I became better at it . Again , I try to find a design that will go along with a card . Some are simply return address stickers , which means besides the graphic , they have your family's name and address . Here are a few examples :

Others , a just plain stickers with only an illustration or with a design and a short text that can be customize like : "Merry Christmas"  , Happy Holidays" or "Warmest Wishes" . Here are a few :

And I have this special one for kids mail that says that it is a SPECIAL DELIVERY from the North Pole . :

© ArianeC Illustrations-All rights reserved

Envelope Liners :
Those are often purchased when people plan a party . I try to design pattern that will match a theme . The two at the top were designed for the Polar Bear and red berry collection . The two at the bottom were part of the Snowflake Mandala Collection

Envelopes :
I haven't had much time to design envelopes this year . but here are a couple from previous one . If there is a design that you will like right now , please let me know . I'll work on it . 

Rubber Stamps :
I do also have a couple of rubber stamp . 

© ArianeC Illustrations-All rights reserved

All stationery are available in my Zazzle shops ( iCraftCafé or Snowbell and friends ) in the Christmas section . Please feel free to reach out to me (by messaging me on FB or contacting through my contact page on my website)  if you have a hard time to find what you need . 


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