Back-to-School Teachers Checklist


Back-to-school teacher checklist

As a lot of people are enjoying some vacation time and as we just celebrated the 4th of July , teachers are already thinking about their next school year ! They're thinking about supplies , lesson plans ,books and new ideas . In this blog post , I'll write about classroom supplies . I will offer a check list of items educators mostly need for a successful year .I hope you'll follow along . 


                          *PENS : You'll need pens to write notes , correct papers , etc . A blue , a black and red . 

Teacher Personalized Pens
Black , blue and red pens

                           *CLASSROOM PENCILS : Another must have are classroom pencils . Even though parents are being told that their children should have their own pencils , your students will forget them or you may have a few students who can't afford to buy any . You also know that those pencils tend to quickly disappear . So a good solution to this problem is to get personalized classroom pencils . Get some that have your name and classroom number on them and have a special design on them.. They're more expensive than regular pencils , but you will end up saving money . Because they'll be easily recognizable , they will assuredly be spotted and you can prevent them from leaving the classroom . 

Classroom pencils
Classroom pencils with name and room number

                          *PENCIL SHARPENER (obviously)

                          *FELT PENS (They're great for drawing outlines, art project and so much more .)


                          *NOTEPADS :  Notepads come very handy . They're a whole bunch of very useful ones . Small notepads are great to jolt something down while you might be busy and you don't want to forget . They're also great if you want to sent a quick note to another teacher or to the school office . 

Teacher notepads
Personalized notepads

Substitute notepads forms (also known as "while you ere out" forms) are especially useful . It is an easy way for you to stay informed and to know what happened in your classroom while you were absent . You will also have the contact info of your favorite sub handy .

Substitute form notepad

                          * STICKY NOTES (POST-IT NOTES) : Sticky notes are the best when you want to note something in a book without writing in the book . Write it down on the paper and stick it in the book . they are also great to stick on your desk and keep track of what you need to do that particular day .

Teacher sticky notes


                          * PLANNERS :Teacher Planners are indispensable to stay organized . 

Owl planners
Owl planners

Teacher planner
Teacher planner with quote

                          * NOTEBOOKS : spiral notebooks and regular ones


                          *3 RING BINDERS :  There is one for every use . They're great to stay organized .

Substitute binder and lesson plan binder
Substitute binder and lesson plan binder

                          *GRADEBOOKS :Gradebooks of course of course are necessary to track everyone's progress .

                          *PAPER : You need all kind of papers  Paper for making copies , construction paper for sign or art projects , handwriting practice paper , graph paper , drawing paper , etc. Everything will depend on what subject or what grade level you are teaching .

                          *INDEX CARDS




Here are things you will need to stay organized :

                          * FILE FOLDERS

                          *SMALL BOX(ES) : small acrylic boxes are great to store paper clips , pins and more .

Small acrylic Boxes

                          *TRAYS : the small ones are ideal for classroom pencils or items like staples pack , staple , tape , etc.The medium ones are the right size for kids to put in their classroom work once they're done with it . 

Acrylic trays
Acrylic Trays

                          *BASKETS : baskets of all sizes , because they're cute and offer storage spaces .



                           *PAPER CLIPS

                           *BINDER CLIPS




                            *PAPER TOWELS

                             * SOAP

                             * FACIAL TISSUE


                          * TAPE



                          *MAGNETS are always very handy.

Cute magnets
Find them here .

                          *STICKERS: You'll need all kind of stickers ! Some for the 1st day of school , reward stickers , classroom library stickers and some for your planner .

Teacher Stickers

                          *HALL PASSES : buy a single one or the entire set .

Hall pass badges
Hall Pass Badges

                         *DOOR SIGNS : make your classroom welcoming to your students and their parents by using a cute personalized door sign .

Teacher Classroom Door Signs

                          *CLASSROOM DECOR (bulletin board , posters , clock , etc.)

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