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Teacher Appreciation Week

 Teacher Appreciation Week is just a little less than one month away , so now would be a good time to think about a gift for your child's teacher if you haven't already . Educators spend an average of 6 hours a day helping us educate our children , so I think it is an nice gesture to show them our gratitude . But what would be a good teacher's gift ? You may think that googling "best teachers gifts" or looking at the "top sellers" of an online shop would give you a hint . But you may want to rethink that . Best sellers are not necessary what teachers wants ! 🤔 So now what ? Here , let me help you by giving you a list of some of the better and worst gift ideas . BEST GIFTS IDEAS : Here are some great suggestions that will delight you child's teacher .  (1)  Gifts do not need to be expensive . In fact one of the most appreciated gift from teachers are students handwritten notes or drawing (that can then be display on the classroom wall or on a bulleti