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Ink Felt Pens Doodles

To wrap up  Teacher Appreciation Week , I am creating a set of brand new designs . It has been quite a while since I came up with drawings for educators . I have to say that the pandemic kind of was in the way , as a lot of teaching went online instead of in the classroom . But it looks like it might be time to rethink this over and start new sketches .  I decided to create some ink pen doodles in a bunch of different colors . They can be personalized with a name or some inspirational words . They are available on laptop stickers , notepads , tote bag , and mugs in my Zazzle store . (See collection below.) I'm even working on some new business cards with them , hall passes and some postcards .  Rainbow Doodle Teacher Pens by iCraftCafé I'm slowly adding some in my Society6 (like this greeting card ) ... and some in my Redbubble (like these journal and notebook) shops as well . And there will be more designs to come soon .  © ArianeC Illustrations-All rights reserved

Fit and Healthy Moms

 Today we'll share gifts ideas for moms who are health conscious and who love to exercise .  You can find some fitness outfits in our Redbubble shop . Those include t-shirts , tank tops , leggings and caps (in case your mom exercises outdoor and wants to protect her face from the sun ) . They're a bunch of them with fruit designs , accentuating even more the healthy side .  You can find additional tank tops  , leggings and tees in our Society6 shop . There you can also get your hand on yoga mats and towels , some   tote and gym bags (available in 3 different sizes : small , medium and large) and water bottles to stay hydrated . If you want to make it even more special , get a gift you can personalize with a monogram , name or a favorite quote like the ones below . You can get those in our Zazzle shop . And to finish , here are some colorful and fun capri leggings . Capri Leggings by iCraftCafé © ArianeC Illustrations-All rights reserved

Mother's Day 2022 Gift Ideas : Food Theme

 Mother's day is almost here . Are you ready ? Did you plan something for your beloved Mom ? Or are you a procrastinator just like we are ?  If it is the latest , no worries ! We're here to help . While we believe some of the best gifts are treating your Mom to a restaurant meal or buying her some beautiful flowers , there are still a lot of other options and we will share some with you right here .  1. FOOD THEME : Today we will share ideas for moms who love to cook or bake , moms who enjoy hosting friends or family over for a good meal or moms who just simply love food .  For moms who love to cook or bake great ideas are aprons , recipe notebooks or binders , kitchen towels , personalized grocery list notepads , meal planner notepads or any tabletop such as mugs , soup bowls , pitchers , cutting boards or serving trays . For moms who love to share meals and time with friend and family , gifts like table runners , tablecloths , counter stools , placemats , coasters or wine chi

Valentine's Day Mailing Accessories

Are you the kind of person who loves to coordinate your mail accessories with the time of the year ?  I sure do . And most of all I love to create them . Hi ! If you don't know me , my name is ArianeC . I'm a freelance artist and graphic designer . Stationeries are one of my specialties you could say , as I have done it for 14 years now .😲 Wow ! That is a long time ! So yes , I really know what I'm doing when creating those . I also have an audience that is mainly geared towards children , so my designs are kids friendly . As Valentine's Day is just around the corner , I would love to share some cute "heartsy" art . You can find the link of any of the stores at the end of this post .  Let's start with some classic return address labels . They are great to stick on envelopes of greeting cards , invitations ,or on packages . They measure about  0.75"l x 2.25"w .  They are   30 labels per sheet . You simply choose the design you like and  you can