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Kids Cloth Face Masks

I'm so happy to say we are now also offering our designs on kids face masks 😷 . They come in two different sizes : SMALL 👉 designed for kids 8-12 years old and EXTRA SMALL 👉 designed for children aged 3-7 .  Here are a few you can choose from .  * Ocean Creatures Kids Face Masks : * Classic Patterns Kids Face Masks : * Fall Inspired Kids Face Masks :   * Fun Cartoon Animals Kids Face Masks : * Pretty Floral Patterns Kids Face Masks : I hope you can find what you need and stay safe . Simply click on the image to find the face covering with the theme you're looking for or directly visit our Redbubble shop .  © ArianeC Illustrations-All rights reserved

Decorative cloth face coverings or face masks

San Diego county will be mandating everyone to wear a face covering of some sort while going out , whenever you will be within 6 feet from someone outside from your household . This new directive will start on May 1st , and it might very well soon be the same in other counties and states . It is already mandatory for all business employees working with the public , like grocery stores clerks , gas station attendants , etc. , but it will now require everyone else to do the same in the hope it will help slow down the spread of the virus . They are plenty of videos of how to make your own face masks with whatever you have at home . Some require sewing , other don't . I've tried the one with the bandana and hair ties , but it doesn't fit snugly (there is a small gap on each side ). I also tried simply tying a scarf , but my straight hair is slippery , and the scarf end up sliding off very quickly , which once again defeat the purpose . If you're having the same problem ,

Feminist Gifts Ideas

Celebrating and Honoring Women Around The World : March was Women History Month . But it is not the only time we should honor and celebrate women in our community . It is time to recognize women for all the jobs they do all year long . It is time for equal pay and stopping stereotype . Here you will find products you'll need if you would like to organize a empowering women's event or simply items you can buy for yourself to display your feminist side :) This is just to show what we have available . If you are looking to buy anything , you will be redirected to one of our online stores . Let's start with some furniture and other home decor such as pillows and tapestry that can be found in our Society6 shop .  And some more merchandise from the same store , including coasters , pouches , bags and t-shirts : If you are not a fan of black background , we also have some merchandise in our Redbubble that has a coral background instead of black . And