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Christmas Stocking and Tree Skirts

I've been quite busy and I haven't been able to post as much as I wanted to . But here are a few Christmas stockings and tree skirts . Christmas Stockings : I have been focusing on adding more cards , labels and stickers this year , but you'll still find a few Christmas stockings to choose from . When I create stockings , I usually like them with cute characters . Those take more time to design , but they are worth it . In this post , I'll feature my cartoon polar bear family . I love how it all came out together . There is the young child peeking in Santa's bag , the teen hanging out with his snowman friend , the mom carrying shopping bags (probably filled with presents) and the dad taking care of the lighting . I also love how I added a "faux" border at the top of each stocking ( featuring a different pattern for each member of the family) . And of course the fact that you can personalize them with a  name makes them even more fun !  Some people like pat

Holiday Stationery

The end of the year and the Holidays are fast approaching . Are you still writing greetings cards ? I do , not as much as a few years ago . But I think it is nice to send them . It is like sending a piece of you to people you care about and letting them know you thought oft them . I also really love to use the cards I receive to decorate inside . That is why , despite the digital world we're living in , I still create and add some in my online shops . And to go along with them , I also design return address labels , envelope seals , envelope liners and a few envelopes . I can divide them in 2 groups : the ones featuring my whimsical illustrations and the one that you can personalize with your pets or kids photos . Today , I'll show off the first group . Flat Holiday Cards :  I started to add some flat cards this year , as some people seem to prefer them to regular cards . The text is entirely customizable . Regular Greeting Cards : All my old Christmas - Holiday cards are regul

Christmas Decor

  Now that Halloween is over , a lot of people have already started looking for some Christmas décor . Here is a showcase of some that is available online . I'll try to go more in details in each category during the next few weeks .  So what makes up some of the most popular items for the Holidays ? Well there are so many to choose from , it is hard to tell . I would say candles . A lot of people love candles and it is especially true during the Holiday Season . You can never go wrong with the classic candy cane stripe one . Another beloved one is the modern black and white fir tree pattern . It will bring a touch of elegance and coziness to your living areas.   Holiday Candles (from Zazzle) Other very popular seasonal items are throw pillows and blankets .Both brings more holiday mood into people's homes .Trending colors are red , green , blue as well as white and black . Pine tree , stripes and fun cartoon animals are some of people's favorites.  Red and White Fir Tree