Decorative cloth face coverings or face masks

San Diego county will be mandating everyone to wear a face covering of some sort while going out , whenever you will be within 6 feet from someone outside from your household . This new directive will start on May 1st , and it might very well soon be the same in other counties and states . It is already mandatory for all business employees working with the public , like grocery stores clerks , gas station attendants , etc. , but it will now require everyone else to do the same in the hope it will help slow down the spread of the virus .

They are plenty of videos of how to make your own face masks with whatever you have at home . Some require sewing , other don't . I've tried the one with the bandana and hair ties , but it doesn't fit snugly (there is a small gap on each side ). I also tried simply tying a scarf , but my straight hair is slippery , and the scarf end up sliding off very quickly , which once again defeat the purpose . If you're having the same problem , or if you want to go a step further you might end up buying a decorative cloth face mask designed by an artist like myself .

(1) Face Masks with Insert Slot : The first batch  I designed are offered by Zazzle . They are cloth face coverings with an insert slot for a disposable mask . You will find a lot of colorful and cute patterns . Those are in high demand right now . So you'll have to be patient to get yours , at this time they're saying shipping takes 3 to 4 weeks .

Cute Animal Pattern : Those ones will definitively bring a smile on anyone's face ..

 Pattern Animal Face Masks

Floral | Girly  Pattern :  Looking for a girly , nature inspired mask ? Those ones are all about flowers and plants .

 Floral - girly face mask

Food Pattern : If you love the combination of food and elegance , then you might find yours among the following :

 Foodie face masks

Other: And here you'll find any pattern that doesn't fit in the other categories .

 Pattern face masks

(2) Basic cotton cloth 
face coverings :The second kind of masks , are more basic . They are 100% cotton . They're lightweight , comfortable and made in USA . You have a choice of white or black fabric . On those ones , only a small area is allowed for a design . There is a little less demand for those at the moment , as they were just launched . However be aware it might take shipping 2 to 3 weeks still .

 Cartoon animal cotton face masks

(3) Redbubble Face Masks : The last but not least are offered by the print on demand company Redbubble . For every mask they 'll sell , they will be donating a mask to Heart to Heart International (an organization who works with volunteers , partners and donors to make healthcare more accessible ). Again you will be able to find my cheerful and colorful designs here . Hopefully they will soon be deployed .Stay tuned



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